Monday, 7 April 2014

HE PGL Adventure

A wonderful weekend of activities with a lovely group of home ed families. The great thing with HE things like this is that you can just turn up and not know anyone- yet within an hour the kids are happy and firm friends with a new crowd! We did actually know one family which was nice but FI made a lovely new friend whom she was inseparable for the whole weekend.
We were in little lodges for each family and had all our meals in the canteen (a whole weekend off cooking!) -very school meals but lots of fresh fruit and veg.
We did Rafting ( I managed to fall in- right at the start!), Survivor (fire lighting and shelter building), The Trapeze, Rifle shooting, Giant Swing, the Challenge course and Abseiling

TP immensely proud of his 'hit' - what he didnt realise that the kind RAF dad behind him had popped a quick one in- as he had seen how despondent he was getting at missing (didn't really help that he was insisting at targetting the next door target!!!)
FI almost atop the Trapeeze- complete with wrist in splint!
Nice wind down on the way home with a stayover in Derbyshire and then a lovely day out at Lyme Park (NT)- great playground!

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