Monday, 19 August 2013

Exciting new ventures

My precious big boy......

An exciting step forward- a whole week away at an activity centre, by himself, on a 7-10 yrs holiday. Had a wonderful time but I think was ready to come home- got an almost tearful call the night before home- just tired and ready for a bit of normality I think...
Excitement of Raft Building, Rifle shooting, High Ropes, Climbing and Abseiling, Quad biking plus many more.... Talent shows, discos, films
Both he and FI would like to go next year.....

Summer Happenings

 On one hand a glorious summer... long warm days, picnics and barbecues, swimming in the river. Free play plus a few leisure centre activities (got the balance right this year- not too many so we feel scheduled but enough to try a few new things), friends to play for young lady and a few play dates in return...
Then the other hand- freak rain storms and flash flooding (and mad children who love dancing in the rain)- we never have problems with rain/flooding however friends who live halfway up a hill (!!!!!!) have been flooded- the torrent of water going down the hill washed out a retaining wall and took a sea of mud through their house- such that they have lost their entire ground floor ( slight funny- mum was trying to keep drains keep as they saw wall going and shrieked to kids - 11 & 6 to take some things upstairs- they saved the Wii and the toaster!)

Friday, 2 August 2013

A Birthday Party

 A little early... just because that was when we could be fitted in..... but a Pony party for a few friends. One very excited little girl complete with her Tattoo (from a Hamleys kit- glitter tattoos which last about a week)- which actually has looked quite pretty.
 On her pony Oscar- who had definately got out of bed the wrong side and was really quite unco-operative!
TP on 'Misty'- who was a new Riding School pony and was thus being trained....

Great pony side party but not so great on the party side- a little embarrasing when the promised food as part of the package didnt materialise and you have eight hungry kids and a couple of bags of crisps and a few cup cakes.......never mind. And someone who didnt bother to turn up and didnt have the curtesy to let us know either before or soooo done with parties....but she had a great time and I think most of the kids did too.

Enjoying the summer holiday rest from the whirl of after school activities- even though we have added in some leisure centre taster sessions. Finally finished at Playgroup- mixed feelings on that one but will give us much more freedom- just need to have the  AGM so I can hand on responsibilty of Chairperson (and free up a shelf!).

Exciting moments ahead for a certain big boy- a virtual friend had posted about her DD going to a summer camp- so I decided to show SJ and ask him if that would be something he would be interested in the future... at which he turned around and said he wanted to go this year,,,, BIG GULP..... ok then...... so he is off next Saturday for a whole week (some quite good last minute deals!)- so thats the 'party' issue dealt with on his front!!! So proud- this year he has mastered night dryness- enduring unfair jibes from his long dry siblings (not really mean but just niggly) so am glad that he feels ready to go off like this (doesnt help at cub camp- when your parents are the Leaders...)