Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finally done.....and then new challenge

 My beautiful swan princess- so proud of you. A long and tiring but exciting weekend- so exciting to be backstage
 And to take pretty dreadful photos during the show (should have run round to the other side)- just awaiting the DVD now.
Atonement from DS1- who has been having some shocking moments recently.... a few issues we are having to take in hand- so hard to get the balance of allowing them to make their own mistakes and yet trying to protect them from getting into lifelong bad habits.

And personally the next module assessment approaches- a little overwhelming- fast approaching exam- which has eaten into our holiday painfully and the pressure of an assignment to get done before we go so that that doesnt wreck the remainder!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Full on meeting ourselves coming back......
 Final preparations for the Show at a large City Centre Theatre- where she is doing four dances- 2 classical ballet- Swan Lake Cygnets and a Frank Sinatra song then 2 stage- jazz to the Time Warp and Tap to I'm a Believer. Wonderful experiences but wearing a little thin on all the extra rehearsal times that are eating into our precious days- sometimes twice a day for the different disciplines! But a few proud mummy & daddy moments coming up
 Beast Quest meets Papermache- in a sword and shield bearing the talents of the original good beasts of Avantia. Some very proud night moments with a boy who is working to overcome his own obstacles.
And the Harry Potter thing continues- a cage designed for Hedwig but actually allocated to Plop the owl who cant fly- as well as being afraid of the dark........
We have started reading my mothers all time favourite series- which Enid Blytons Adventure series- they are being sucked in and I have so many memories of family holidays with chapters at the end of the day.
So...Cub Camp approaching in the new chapter, Beaver activities, dancing shows, holidays and weekends away, Reenactment events, play days...busy, busy, busy.......