Thursday, 26 December 2013

The run up to Christmas

 As well as visiting the Panto in Nottingham- much enjoyed by all especially when Daddy got dragged up on stage in 'mistake' for Barney Harwood! We also had FIs Dancing show at the Ice Arena- dancing to Another One Bites the Dust and the Gangnam Style. My young man- with his first tie- took me out to dinner then accompanied me to the show. We noticed that Torvill and Deans costumes were on display in the foyer- which was quite a wow for me anyway.
 And then those final few days before Christmas- centred around catching up with some family and relaxing, a few Christmas makes and traditions like watching the Box of Delights (I want to live at Seekings!) before new pyjamas and preparations....

Ironbridge- I forgot!

A dreadful realisation (OK acknowledgement) of how far behind I allow myself to get....

Last month we spent a wonderful few days at Ironbridge in Coalbrookdale YHA with  some HE friends
 By the side of the River... bridge possibly just about visible.
 Enguinuity- lots of button pressing/gadget pulling
Candle dipping at Blist Hill Victorian Town.
Highlights were the fact that a number of the musums were in walking distance of the Youth Hostel. Massive fun with lots of HE friends and a little wine drunk with the mummies (and some daddies!). We have taken out an Annual Family Pass- so we will be back again with Daddy in tow- especially as we have booked to go back to the YHA next June with the same ish set of people.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Autumn Walks

 A walk around a local lake- those favourite shushy leaves moments
 Complete with making themselves a house/nest (Mummy praying no dog dirt in there!!!) Lots of autumn crafting- trees, stained glass windows, scratch art leaves and leaf cushions....
A RagDoll Princess (with a little help).