Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Update

I really need to try and make this a habit- so that ages doesn't pass between posts- and then I need to stop whining about 'how long it has been'.........!

Well we have had a quiet month or so-on one hand being a little stir crazy and desparate to get out (especially after the tantalising couple of glorious days that we had!) and then making the most of some 'in time' as SJ is coming on leaps and bounds with his reading. We seem to have got past his little blip of my last post and he is storming along now. I am finding it a little hard to get the balance right between 'making hay whilst it shines' and 'pushing' him. We have chosen soem first readers at the library- which have gone down very well- possibly because they have come from a different area on the bookshelves as his 'reading books'??? We have also been doing a little on money- coin values etc and Mark has been working with him on his handwriting of numbers-which had seemed to slip. Other interests have been WW2- which always is a favourite topic. We have had an excellent book from the library on childrens lives during WW2 and have watched most of 'Coal House at War' series again- as well as a couple of 'Island at War' serial. We have also managed to finally finish Cherry Tree Farm and have moved onto Dick King Smiths' Sophie series for our next chapter book.

This last week has seen us doing an Egg hunt with toddlers -including an egg decorating contest which proved interesting as SJ and FI both came up with their independent ideas. FI choosing to do a pig and SJ a Christmas Tree. FI managed to win the 'under 5s' section-which proved a difficult issue for SJ- makes me realise what little exposure he has had to win/lose situations. Daddy managed to find some stories on disappointments and 'bad losing' issues.

WE haven't done much on the HE socialising front this month-which I am a little disappointed with myself over. I probably need to rethink some of our non HE stuff (like toddlers) to make more time for some older kid socialising. Contemplation around this leads me to believe that SJ needs to do a little more where he is not automatically king pin due to his age as the only activity he does at the moment where this is the case is his gymnastics. Hopefully in September he will start Beavers but there are a couple of HE sesssions that I really need to put aside my own shyness to launch us into. It si just so hard trying to get everyones needs- as TP deserves to do a 'small child' activity too- if we stop toddlers then he has 'nothing'. I guess in a way FI is the luckiest as she gets the best at both ends at the moment as middle child.....