Friday, 27 April 2012

Science Focus...

 Before Christmas I spent a little time reviewing the type of thing we had done so far in the academic year, from an LA evidence point of view (we are currently unknown but I try to keep myself a document in draft so that when/if the letter/visit comes it won't be a disaster- because inevitably it would always come at an inconvenient point in our lives!). I came to the conclusion that we were possibly a little lacking in the science area- from an outwardsly visible point anyway. Now I believe this is because Science is soo deeply entrenched in every day living- especially at the early years ages- that it can be difficult to tease out individual learning. After all baking is a series of chemical reactions, growing seeds is science, displacement of the bath water when a big adult joins you (or even worse gets out!!) is science....Anyway my beliefs aside I thought we would have a science focus this term- so far we have looked at weather, the water cycle, properties of gases, fluids and solids, surface tension, growing, human bodies function and structure- wow it sounds a lot when you list it that way! Anyway FI is standing in front of our human blob picture (not very clear!) but it is a child sized body on lining paper that we are adding body organs too- as we discusss their location and function. She is holding a plaster of paris 'brain' with the various areas of control marked up.
Beavers even helped get in on the topic! By selecting to do the Experiment Badge this term (completed) by making grass head monsters (not really sucessful), tie dying and then making 3D structures with spaghetti and jelly babies. SJ actually managed to win the 'tallest structure' competition- I knew the hours of Knex building were doing him good!
 Then a little 'extra' to add to the mix- a weekend fossiling in Whitby (does Geology come under science or geography?? Both in my book- extra category ticked hurrah!) succesfully finding ammonites and belamites, fossilised wood and jet, as well as visiting the Sealife Museum and completing the trail. He had a lovely time- but did admit to a little homsickness ("Mummy I even sort of missed you telling me off"!!!!!)- lots of hugs and a few early nights needed.....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hectic Days

 Days are flying by- as usual it seems. DD got a lovely CookBook for Christmas and has been dying to make the Coconut Ice for weeks now... the ingredients all bought but FINALLY we made it yesterday! Wow- real cocnut ice- a very different beast from bought stuff (not that I expected otherwise), very rich and not a cheap make but it may go onto the 'easy gifts to make' list.
Boys playing with Playmobil- a regular favourite. The dragon was protecting the pink castle from horse rustlers (dragons are definately 'goodies' in this house) and he has prisoners in the attic.......

Well I have lost DS1 for the weekend, Nanny has taken him to Whitby for a long weekend fossiling and staying in a YHA for the first time- so am trying to make the most of a mere two children. Made marmalade yesterday and plan chutney today.....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A bit about me!

Not quite a yarn-along Wednesday but..... The crochet squares pile is growing.... The count currently stands at 72, with 432 being the target for the planned blanket. Am getting much faster now- took me a while to get used to the yarn as it is a cotton blend which is very easy to stick the hook through the yarn and catch the odd strand out...

The next embroidery (cross stitch) project.... A little more challenging than the last one but quite enjoyable the pictures are building up quickly and the symmetry makes it have easier bits that don't need such religious chart counting!!!!

My other project has been working through the books that I have been laying down in order to have a well packed invigorating selection of literature for them - so a pile of Michael morpugo, Artemis Fowl/Eoin Colfer, Septimus Heap, Anthony Horowitz etc especially targeting things that may be more appealing to boys (obviously not excluding FI though). Recently bought the Hunger Games on the recommendation of a work colleague (before the film came out) and have just completed them-really enjoyed them , slightly different, quite a few twists some predictable some not, but an excellent read. MAking me want to see it at the cinema now-which is always a gamble I know."..

Thank you!

I think that I mentioned that the children and M took part in an emergency services exercise-pretending to be victims of a chemical spill and therefore having to go through 'decontamination' procedures....well as a result of this and one of the bigwigs being very impressed with their behaviour they were invited to visit the local mounted police section.
We visited yesterday and had a fabulous morning- a personal tour with a police inspector and a mounted constable- visiting the horses in their stable and feeding and stoking them, Max, King, Eros, Lord Byron and the grumpy one I don't remember as she wouldn't take us near him! Seeing the automatic horse exerciser! And exploring the police horse box and trying on parts of their body armour as well as 'riding' a saddle!!! The children were awestruck especially FI....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Folk Festival

 Well last years easter folk festival blog entry had me complaining about the heat! Not so this year! Ha! Thank goodness for road snails (also known as our lovely caravan) and thank goodness we weren't in a tent! We ended up putting on more clothes to go to bed (shirt + jumper + two pairs socks + contemplated the trousers!) and spent most of the weekend on the chilly side (except for when in the dances!)- but we all had a good time. M enjoyed some beginner musical work shops, SJ kept disappearing with a gang of friends and FI and TP relished in the cutting and sticking fest that was the childrens workshops- as well as a little maypole dancing, fire eating (watching!!) and circus skills. Made 3/5 of the evening dances- due to grumpy tired children and the need to pace ourselves!
 TP and his Easter bonnet- very proud moment. Quite hard work in the workshops though- wanted to do everything his way- which, when it comes to things like threading up a dream catcher, isn't always possible! And led to poor old FI being totally abandoned- usually leading to her asking a nearby grown up for help (poor abandoned child)
But then being blond, female and smily usually gets you what you want- minx!

Resolutions for next year- try to get no1 and 2 onto an instrument to increase their enjoyment....

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Garden Joy!

 What marvellous weather we have been having- the garden calls and the big envelope of seeds gets opened....staring off tomatos, lettuce, beans, courgette, spring leeks, pumpkin, cucumber and beans (probably more!). The children loved being up to their elbows in compost, being dirty poking holes for their seeds and watering. They each have a chosen pot- to be their responsibility. SJ spent the rest of the morning carefully telling me that he would 'share his vegetables to feed our family'- bless!
TP loved his pot too- and being able to do the same as his brother and sister....we are having the odd TT on that front!
We spent the afternoon at our local park 'official' re-opening after refurbishment- lots of lovely freebies such as crafts from the local scrapstore and the Surestart (who ended up wheedling details out of me-boohiss)- but the highlight for them, was the presence of the local rugby club- who had numerous rugby type activities on offer- SJ was naturally drawn to them and spent the rest of the time running about with a rugby ball under his arm- so I think he would like to visit a mini point all three would be able to join in at various levels -so we may investigate this one...