Saturday, 10 September 2011

Family Wedding & Not-Back-To -School

 A selection from our photos of my sisters wedding. FI was totally full of princess worship and everything Aunty A did- FI did too. We had gorgeous weather- someone was truly looking down on her so got photos in glorious sunshine.
 The couple looked radiant and soo happy- I wish them all the best.
I seemed to find myself 'official dress rearranger' and toileting assistant- I guess that is what sisters are for! We treated ourselves to a stay in the hotel and planned that the children would stay up late- they saw in 10pm and we took them up to the room- I made the fatal mistake of sitting down and that was the evening over (other than FI falling out of her bed at 3am!!)

Well everyone around seems to be doing 'Not-Back-To-School' post- and we are also very not back to school either-however it has been on hold due to wedding planning/holiday planning & Beaver Sleepover planning- so my plan is to 'forget' about it until back from our holiday (although lots of days out planned during that). However need to briefly celebrate fact that FI is now 'official'- now of compulsory school age- so she has earned her own report template (just in case)

Anyway off to Derbyshire for 2/52- including SJs birthday and much anticipated birthday treat to Drayton Manor.......