Thursday, 26 August 2010

Busy Summer

Firstly- wow- Ive managed to post twice in the same month-I'm improving!!!
One thing I have to own up to -is being a bit of a charity shop fiend- find it very difficult to pass a charity shop without a quick look for 'treasure'- and above is a small selection- for about £3- which, actually thinking about it, is towards the top end of what I would normally get for six book- but most are pristine. I think that charity shops are, for me, one of the most importnat resources for HEers- after the internet. It is amazing the amount of pristine books that one can get that have obviously been untouched presents on peoples shelves- especially 'reference books'. Recently one of our librarians commented on the amount of factual books that we take out- later in the convesation I brought up the HE topic and she said arhhhhh knowingly- I knew that you were 'different'. Having said that they seemed slighly disapproving when SJ completed the Space Hop challenge in two visits- with quite short books as his 'chosen ones'- not appreciating perhaps that he had actually read the books-excepting one- and that the one he selected to feed back to them was a factual one about the plague!
Lego remains a favourite with the kids- even though I can' t progress much past houses/garages or square boxes. This was FIs horse which we were all very proud of. SJ produces great models-generally on a theme of transport-articulated lorries and variations on caravans.

My big boy recently stretched the apron strings far enough to spend three days with Nanny in MK. Nanny has been requesting this for a couple of years but he never seemed keen until this year- and I am so glad that we waited until he was 'ready' as previously he would say 'yes he wanted to go to Nannys - and we could go too. By all accounts he had a fab time- going to the cinema for the first time (poor deprived child!), digging for fossils and visiting a dinosaur park, baking and cooking, feeding the ducks and walking. He also made his sister a beautiful birthday present- as well as decorating one of the above biscuits as 'daddy' (guess which one!!).
Over the last couple of weeks my poor unsocialised children have hardly been in the house- lots of activities at the local leisure centre, meeting friends, park etc. One of the highlights was a visit to the local play day- where we partook in painting/drumming/crafting/model making/box building/gloop- mental note -to not dress in decent clothes next time and certainly not to put FI in the new dress G&G bought for her birthday!
SJ has just been put up on his Education City levels and has re-discovered it- I realise now I should have put him up a while ago- was probably too focused on trying to get activities 'ticked

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Summer Update

Well Tristan came out of his cot into a bunk bed.........

As usual a couple of months has gone past- so I'm now going to spend ages trying to think of what to say....I need to find a new strategy for this.....
Having quite a busy summer so far- lots of socialising and activities on varying fronts- some home ed, some activity based and some general playing...... We have enjoyed a lovely forest schools taster session with HE- with firebuilding, den building, trail following, tool using, cooking on the fire. A great time was had by all and we are hoping that some regular sessions may follow- but it may be a bit pricey- we shall have to see........
SJ has made leaps and bounds with his reading since my last post. When he concentrates he can read most things that he puts his mind to- we have also enjoyed adding in some simple story books rather than just reading books. I keep considering whether we should return to the Phon-Graphix to consolidate some of the further sounds- so that he 'understands' how they work- or whether it is pointless when he is working them out on a word by word basis. We have subscribed both of them to the Readingeggs scheme which they are both enjoying. SJ surprised us all when he did the 'entrance grading exam' by answering everything perfectly- I guess one of those moment where you appreciate how far they have come in a year. FI is enjoying playing with her selection and surprises me by recognising quite a few letters as well as having a good concept of blending sounds- which as I am determined not to do the 'reception year' bit with her (being an August baby and just 4 this week!!) she may demand some of it anyway. She just loves having 'her work' on the computer as she has been 'after' Education City' for a while.
Activity wise they have been both busy- both gaining certificates in gym (SJ) and trampolining (FI). I am particularly pleased with SJs progress as he sometimes has a love/hate thing going with gymnastics- partly (I think) because he is actually having to work at it rather than it coming naturally- as swimming seems to. It is amazing the silly little things that they 'miss out' through HE- things like playground skipping- so we have been trying to do some work on this type of thing when I remember- but where the time flies to I don't know.... SJ has also moved up swimming classes. He has jumped from preschool classes to a advanced beginner- and from being the oldest by miles to being very much the youngest- I do believe that this may be a very good experience for him!
Tristan poddles along- a few more words coming here and there, a lot of temper (inherited from his mother unfortunately) and a serious love of tractors, trains and cars being developed. And strangely it seems he can count- a very definate understanding of the concept of counting as he is going and fairly understandable 'numbers' being called.
We are both slightly drowning at work with various projects and limited resource time.

Ordered a beautiful new kitchen though......