Monday, 17 January 2011

Home Ed

I think this photo sums up quite a typical HE day for us at the moment- all of the essential criteria seem to be there- a den (am sure that their pillows from the beds and a handful of 'cuddlies' are in there too. Lego- SJ cannot get enough of the stuff- cars/trucks/boats/ cranes-would quite happily do it all day and all night and all day the next day too. We have some Meccano too but that doesn't get him going quite as much as the lego. Low grade fairy thing going on with the outfit of the day plus the obligatory bag in the background-required whenever playing dens- whether it is camping or going on a holiday (usually to south america!?!) DS3 is also sneekily hidden within the tent- as per usual these days he is to be found within arms length of the other two.
This is one of SJs creations that I was particularly proud of- a very unschooling moment. SJ received some book tokens for Christmas- so I had taken him into a large bookshop to peruse- when I noticed that all of the annuals had been reduced to £1.50-having said that I would buy him one and after a little persuasion of changing his selection from the 'lego' one ( lots of spot the difference and not a lot else) to a BeastQuest one- he came home and was looking through and then one hour later had produced his dragon- complete with concertina nose and neck ( having remembered how to do these from last Feb at Chinese New year!)

FIs pictures are progressing well-lloking more recognisable- although she does seem to have a thing going on with fingernails/toenails- as carefully detailed above!

And finally my baby has started playgroup! He has his lunchbox and disappears quite happily and adores being told what a big playgroup boy he is.........
And Christmas has become a distant memory- even if it does seem to have taken us nearly a month to get over the mad rush and routine disruption that came with it