Friday, 4 April 2014

Centre Parcs

Anyway Futura splint in place and then I realise that in two days we are off to Centre Parcs for a swimming and cycling holiday and then the following week on a HE activity holiday...... Arghhh
Let's just say either a) we risk assessed carefully and took each moment as it arose and were led by her comfort OR b) we are irresponsible parents ?? Oops the info leaflet really said no swimming or cycling??
Anyway we had a lovely time- lots of swimming and cycling, family stories and games. We introduced the children to Carcassonne- which they picked up quickly and enjoyed, as well as Cadoo and Labyrinth. A couple of family DVDs saved for the week. Duck feeding and a trip to Rufford Park- always a favourite!

And a Beaver project in progress- looking for signs of spring for her Explore badge and then turned into a PowerPoint presentation towards her IT badge. She has a term left and is going all out for gaining all of the interest badges possible in Beavers!

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