Monday, 27 August 2012

Typical days

 A typical free morning in our household- representing probably 80% of time! SJ doing lego- he loves building boats- Victory, Galleons, War ships, container ships, aircraft carriers...... this became a huge sailing ship with triple mast.... whilst listening to audio stories.... Black Beauty, Robin Hood... this morning Barefoot Pirate stories.... Grace O Malley etc
 Whereas FI struggles to amuse herself, tends to flop around in everyones way, follow me to the point of tripping me up...... "Can I do something WITH you mummy" And most of the time that is OK-except the odd moment it would be nice to.......
Anyway the last Angelina cross stitch is complete (only three weeks late for her birthday) and framed- ready to go over her bed...

Am starting a Christmas sampler now and need to ponder on an Autumn season swap.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Out and About

 Busy summer days- day out a local Forestry Commission Site- in Robin Hooods Lookout.

Coming home covered in sand (straight into the bath)
Been up too late the night before- after visiting Weymouth end of festival Fireworks

Days flying by- not getting much done (lots of lego- but nothing changes there!)

Computer been upset too- making it awkward to find my photos when I have uploaded them

Looking forward to a quiet home day today (once swimming and library visit done!)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mummy- the big fat sheep!

Apparently this is me!!! A smily fat sheep. The yellow lamb is FI suckling (her words)- somewhat out of date!! The boys are the other two lambs....

Anyway the house is peaceful at the moment as M has taken the children away to camp with his best friend for a few days. I have had a day to myself and am then at work so didnt go..... Have done a lot of pottering, sorting various bits, taking a huge bag to the charity shop, sorting things to hand to relatives with younger children, sorting our craft drawers and being totally horrified by the amount of crafty kits I have squirreled away, mounting a cross stitch done for FIs birthday and trying to complete the second one in progress.

Am feeling very in limbo at the present- classic post illness blah I guess...lack of direction- need to sort out a priority list, need to move house forward and slowly accepting that we probably need to move a child out of the dormitory to allow them all to spread out a little, need to meet outside commitments, need to plan....need to stop wallowing......

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My beautiful Princess

 You are growing up so fast- so very fast and time is rushing past us. You love choosing outfits and accessories and shoes and were soo excited to receive your first make up (nail varnish!) for your birthday. You love typical little girl things- ballet, dancing, pink, princess & fairy, sparkle, colouring and anything pretty. Yet you are really looking forward to joining Beavers and relish getting muddy and wet. Spending DIY time with Daddy in the garage.
You know your own mind and are very strongwilled (just like mummy), stubborn (just like mummy)- I can see that we are going to have fun over the next few years- as long as there is a mixture of fun- with the other fun!
Reading Thomas at around 10 months- always a contradiction!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Activities

 Have to admit this year we are having a little bit of a hermit like summer- just happy being at home or locally at the moment. This last couple of weeks we have dipped in and out of the Olympics- certainly the more eye-catching sports anyway. They have also enjoyed seeing the landmarks that we saw on our visit last year on the TV- especially the rings suspended from Tower Bridge ( I think SJ watched the Opening Ceremony about five times!)
 Anyway- this led to the desire to build London in Lego- so we have FIs Big Ben (very multi-coloured), SJs Tower of London- complete with the White Tower in its original colour and a rippling flag (Union Jack was impossible -so we decided to go with correct colours only) and a horse and carriage. At one point we also had HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge as well- but I didnt quite manage to get them in photos.
And of course education comes in somewhere....the children didnt understand the reasoning why the runners had their staggered run positions in the longer sprints- so daddy drew a circuit and they measured in string to see that the lengths were actually the same- dependent on where you were on the circuit..... of course it was then highjacked and turned into an Olympic arena complete with pole vault and disk

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Making Choices in our Green Life

 Hmmmm- well the photos don't necessarily ring true with a claim to be green? - one might say? This little load represent £50 spent with Approved Foods- a company that deals with rejected food products- either nonperishables past sell bys, outdated packaging or packaging with old prices/special offer prices printed on it- for example the Sharwoods Red Curry Paste (green packet at front of above)- 12 for 1p (particularly spectacular- not everything quite that cheap!!)- fruit scone mix- 3 for 99p. Of course some would say that it takes no time to measure out flour and sugar- but at the stage mine are at- it is the difference between being able to do something with only loose supervision ie whilst I am cooking tea versus a frazzled shrieking mummy- ie better to be able to produce somthing other than the continuous promise of 'maybe tomorrow.....'
Of course the real point I am trying to make is that in saving money here- it allows us to spend elsewhere. The credit crunch and rising food prices have forced us to revisit some of the choices we have made- to choose the areas we want to prioritise, those we do if we can and those which have had to fall by the wayside.
Anyway our current priorities are enviromentally friendly (so eco cleaning/laundry products), green energy, seasonal (thus low food miles), high welfare and fairtrade. Unfortunately organic has gone- unless there really is only pence difference.
Then, as far as possible and practical reducing and reusing- buying used clothing- especially childrens- although in boys stuff there isnt always a lot around, books etc- as well as trying to pass on things we no longer use

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Four years

 Who can comprehend how time flies?? How that little bundle of personality!!! turned into a handsome young boy- who will so soon be a young man...
You slotted right into the centre of the family and are so different from those before- yet so much that same. You are growing up fast and your language and observation of life around you are so apt (we need to work on tact and appropriateness this year!!)
Sooooo not ready for school even though your little peers are being marched off en masse.

I want the next year to be full of outdoor play, mud and experiments, finger painting, glue and creations, walking under trees and through leaves, puddle jumping and hot chocolates afterwards in dressing gowns. I will read you the Thomas story book (have just realised you don't know who Skarloey is).... but maybe it would be nice if you occasionally listened in a swimming lesson!