Saturday, 10 May 2014

Papplewick Pumping Station

Very spectacular place and a lovely day out with family- although some of the little extras made it add up a little. Awesome workmanship- the care taken for 'just' a utilities building- stained glass windows, enamelling, ironwork, an ornate pond and a huge front door and porch.
Kept three children well occupied for a few hours- very interested in the miniature train and remote control boats. Spent time watching a man on a wood lathe making apples! Did some child crafts- Morris men sticks and sashes

And (for me) the highlight - a trip into the underground reservoir. So spectacular- fantastic careful brickwork-true workmanship. Amazing to think that was built to be filled with water! And had awesome acoustics- TP hooted and it passed around almost each arch being slowly magnified.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Easter and beyond

 All they wanted for Easter was an egg hunt in the garden- and despite the fact that we are all upside down and the weather conspired against us- we managed to get a brief window of (near) sunshine in which to do it! Family time, sharing goodies, baking together (well -melting chocolate!!) and then a family meal- followed by Daddy taking them away for a night in a tent with Uncle T (whilst Mummy went to work the next day) meant the day was a total success on all fronts (excepting Daddy being at work most of the day- but thats life!)
Then moving onto St Georges Day... 'Twas FIs last parade as a Beaver- so we persuaded her to go in blue rather than in brown- and this was the end result ( I suspected this- so increased the persuasion!!)- she was sooo proud. SJ is just visible (to me) in the background as a cub. Lovely weather and just managed to get FI back in time for her beloved ballet lesson.
And the news that she had got a Distinction for Grade 1- well done sausage- so proud of you!