Saturday, 17 November 2012

Important Activities- Ballet

 A momentous occasion has taken place for FI- taking her RAD Primary Exam this week and thus moving out of her class into Grade 1- a very big rite of passage as these girls seem now very grown up! It also means new uniform (very exciting), another pair of shoes and losing the little girl skirt and going to plain leotard. But she LOVES it and I am very happy with the school that we chose for her- Miss D expects an appropriate level of concentration for age, is kind but firm and they love her! The RAD syllabus uses a lovely selection of music on a broad base- from tastefully arranged nursery ryhmes/songs to classic and folk pieces- not just classic ballet music.
 A demonstration of part of the new uniform- we have been slowly accumulating this from a mix of places- with some interesting experiences enroute! Demonstrated is the character set- a flowing circular black ribboned skirt and black shoes (with suede undersides!) for Hungarian/Spanish type dancing. The move up a class has also promoted her in her contemporary dancing too- from pure tap dancing to tap and jazz (more shoes!) apparently- and apparently takes the level up again......(shes just JUST six)- but she is sooo excited.......
Collaging- photo does really do justice- more intricate than they look- a many staged picture- as things sem to be as we move forwards.
She is also making huge leapos forwardf in her reading at the moment- from taking an age to understand the th/sh/ch concept to zipping through 'ight' and magic 'e'. We are heavily into the land of Mr Pink-Whistle at the moment- good old Enid Blyton!

Friday, 2 November 2012

HE or free labour???

 Well....some children learn maths and some learn critical thinking....but how many people have brick laying on their curriculum??? He loved it- dirt, goo, power tools, permanence- at least he wont be complaining when I need to thin out this project!! And the front of the house is moving forward (we have been getting rid of concrete jungle to have proper parking spaces and then a garden)- the garden bit is heading ready for grass- we cant make up our minds whether we need topsoil or to nutrify our broken up clay and rake and go for seed. Just need the wall from us to next door doing (next door is a builder and want to do that bit himself- obviously doesnt want our free albout near it!!)
As Halloween leaves- Christmas approaches.......