Thursday, 25 November 2010

Well last post started with my lovely boy- so it is the turn of my little princess this time. Bless her- all of her dressing up clothes so far have either been charity shop purchases/hand-me-downs or home made articles. But we had some vouchers which they were given last Christmas(!!!!) and she and I had a lovely half hour wandering around M&S deciding what to spend them on (which was actually quite hard work!). She had spotted the Snow White dress and said 'I really like that mummy'. Bless her-I don't think she could actually believe it when I said that she could have it- one of those moments you want to frame and replay. Of course now I am being neurotic around it- making her take it off before eating- but she looks a true little princess in it.
Then the princess turns into a fleecy pink fluffy bunny snuggle suit whilst displaying the Gods Eye that she helped to make at Forest School- she always seems to think that smiling nicely for the camera involves a maniacal grin!
Well we are coming to an end of our first run of Forest School and it has been good- but I do think we take a break after Christmas for a while- partly weather related and partly because I could see that they may degenerate into a 'nothing special' session- if we did it too often. I am also feeling quite stretched at the moment- with lots of activity things on during the week- we seem so busy all the time- that good quality home activities -like baking etc- seem to be falling at the wayside. There may be some climbing wall sessions coming up soon and TP is due to start Playgroup after Christmas -which will give SJ and myself some quality time to do some older actvities.
Playgroup- now there is a word which has swallowed a portion of my life in the last couple of months- and caused some sleepless nights. Won't be offering to take on Chairpersonship of any further groups for a while. I guess a part of me feels a little guilty not taking on arranging anything HE, whilst some of the other mums seem to whip activities out of hats- lets just say I never envisioned spending evenings writing Contracts for staff etc!
Anyway onto more pleasant topics- am cooking up lots of plans for advent- I think we will do an advent activity calendar this year. I think that I want to make more of the Christmas season rather than focusing on one day. So we are planning a mixture of activities-ranging from the traditional Pantomime to packing Gift Boxes for a Homeless Charity with a goodly mix of crafting and baking mixed in. I still have a lot of shopping to do for family ( the ones that I cannot get away with preserves hampers- that is).
Taking of which I have 4lbs of nectarines to attck tomorrow- just can't make up my mind whether to jam or chutney them.........

Friday, 12 November 2010

Twice in a week?

Wow- twice in a week?? My new strategy is aiming for shorter posts therefore getting past the feeling of it taking a whole evening?? PLUS I have a presentation to write for my work- so any valid procrastination will do.......
Firstly my lovely boy (complete with a graze on the chin) TPK I love you forever -especially on the brief moments I don't want to live in a separate house (he is a shrieker & a squawker)- BUT he is probably my last baby and he is growing up fast..................
A reason why my (just!!!!) 4 year old is not yet ready to be taken to school everyday- bless her- busy week and she fell asleep on my lap whilst having a story read and I wanted to hold her forever- until number 3 had filled his nappy and was waddling around feeling very sorry for himself saying "poo in napnap mumma"- so managed to slip her onto the bed successfully and she had to be woken after an hour.........

More charity shop purchasing- SJ is quite intrigued by the Odyssey book- so will try to hit that one over the next few days. He is also quite into the microscope at the moment (another charity shop purchase)- quite like the idea of 'germs' -which of course M+D are both quite happy to discourse on at length.

FIs Divali hand made at playgroup. I think we will try to observe more festivals over the next year- I have my trusty food,festivals &families book which gives a lot of ideas- but have struggled with rampant toddler quite a lot- I have the eternal expectation that this will 'get easier' as he gets older. The older two are starting to understand the idea of religions and faiths and different beliefs- it is quite interesting how they have setttled into the assumption that they are of the 'Christian' faith- because I do not believe that I have led them that way- however we have had to address it slightly as SJ has just joined Beavers and made his 'promise' which does involve 'loving God'- I am guilty of glossing over that one.......
On the other hand he absolutely loves Beavers and can't wait until Tuesday night comes around- even if I have had to buy him black shoes especially for Church Parade this sunday ( I have made a point of NOT buying black shoes- becasue we don't have to up to now). We get a 'program' for the term- so I am guilty of preparing him for sessions (hate to think of him coming across as lacking- as he is probably the first HE specimen that they have come across).

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Update and GP Weekend

Twice in one month-hmm I was getting complacent! Then nothing for three! Well we have been quite busy- lots of Forest School activities, various days out. Quite a lot of reading going on and some doing new crafts. A new kitchen and a lot of house upheval and tidying/rehoming. Hamster sitting! The above is SJs first effort at 'proper sewing' ie with a sharp needle. He has been dying to do it for ages (since winning a little sewing kit on a tombola last year!!)- apparently a balloon ( I think I see it?)

Have just returned from a weekend away with a group of Green Parents (from my forum lifeline!). Finally plucked up courage to go ( both from a meeting new people as well as taking away three kiddies single handed) and we will be back! Kids had a great time and were scarecly seen over the weekend- which was good as I spent a significant portion in the drying/laundry room trying to resurrect filthy clothing/footwear. Was great to meet some of the people that I have been chatting to virtually for a few years- always feels odd as you have to match perceptions with reality (and ditto back again).

Highlights of the weekend were the (wet) firework display, the zip wire (below) and bridge building in the stream (more wet clothing) as well as muddy puddle jumping (unfortunately don't have pictures of that one)

Resolution- take spare clothes for the spare clothes next time.
Resolution 2- don't plan 'meals' just put out small buffets for kids to munch on in passing
Resolution3 - take more fruit to replace all that that my children (TPK) help themselves too
Resolution4 - Try to get over the shyness a little sooner