Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mega Update

Well- firstly computer playing up and dying slowly- making photos hard to find and upload- so I've been putting off updating. Of course the more you put it off the more overwhelmingly large it gets and turns into a BIG job......

Anyway highlights of the last two months..... Cub Camp with a Flintstone theme including lots of leopard skin costumes and box car racing. We won the flag for the most welcoming camp within the district too. Extremely hard work, sending kids here and there, but they had a great time- and thats what it is all about.
Another holiday- this time to Lincolnshire and the Beach! Cue very happy children who have dug/swam/ flew kites/ paddled/ate ice cream-everything a summer holiday should be. We had loosely planned an educational  itinerary to some castles/places but time got nearer and I thought- No! we need down time this time!

Anyway 'educationally'  we have been quite low key- working on some basics in a laid back manner. Letters and numbers for TP- he has made the leap of blending CVC- so we are going soo gently- keeping it an exciting achievement rather than a push, push situation. FI has been persisting her way through a Dick King-Smith and has now acknowldeged it is a little too tricky for her- so we will step back a little. However she is making good inroads into multiplication  and her time telling is as good as mine. She has been spontaneously writing little stories- which is lovely to see. SJ thrives on his number work- particularly liking those he can see applied to life- so money, measuring, mulitplication where it is dressed as real life- so working out amounts required etc. Reading wise he can read what he wishes and is starting to do more spontaneous choosing himself. They all love listening to stories- I could spend all day just doing this! We have been working our way through some of the Enid Blytons- the R mysterys with Barney and Miranda, The Naughtiest Girl for FI, Charlie Bone and Sam Silver for SJ and Jack Stalwart for TP. I say they all get some individually however I consistently find SJ quietly crawling round the door- whenever one of the others is having 'their' story- to sneakily listen. I say sneakily as FI really takes offence sometimes at the invasion of 'her' time.... More crafting- especially loom bands have hit, but cross stitch and crochet- very basic but FI is working on an ice cream coloured baby/doll blanket and making a very nice job of it! Lots of iPad- minecraft and survival craft and dragon city- TPs numbers are improving rapidly attributed to this! Baking and cooking, badge work for cubs/beavers and brownies- tis amazing what you can get them to do under this guise. A family wedding- which took up a huge amount of time- with weekly dress fittings for the disasterously long tale of the dresses- Ok in end but very time consuming when everyone has to traispse into the City and amuse two boys in a bridal boutique for long periods (times that Ipads rule!!) whilst FI was having her dress altered (multiple times!)

Anyway will try to do another post later on the family update- cos times are a changing.....

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  1. Now you're just teasing us with that last sentence! :)